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At Rio Grande Therapy Group, we understand how important your child’s development is to you. We also know how effective communication is essential in becoming an active member of a community and building long-lasting relationships. Rio Grande Therapy Group started by recognizing the need to provide each child the speech-language therapy everyone deserves regardless of economic status, disability, or location. We are committed to understanding our patients’ needs and making every effort to meet them with the highest medical and ethical standards.

At our clinic, clients are seen one-on-one to address their specific needs and to work with each family to maximize your child’s potential. Observation rooms are available for each session and parents are encouraged to enter to watch and listen to our trained staff treat your child. We believe that the progress achieved is due to a combined effort.

Home-base services are also provided one-on-one for our clients who may present with transportation difficulties or who live too far from our clinic. The same treatment plan is utilized to assist your child reach their potential within their home environment.

School-based services are provided with the same level of care and are only provided through our contracts with various school districts.

At any of our service locations, Rio Grande Therapy Group staff are licensed, supported, and trained to continually provide services that incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to boost your child’s ability to tell you what they need, love, and aspire to do. Our care is individualized, family oriented, innovative, comprehensive, and delivered with hope and compassion by our dedicated staff.